Issada Mineral Heal and Conceal

Pharmaceutical Grade Minerals and Organic Botanicals heal, soothe, soften and hydrate, while self-adjusting Mineral colour pigments melt into the skin, adopting the wearer’s skin tone. This means that not only the imperfection but the concealing work itself is virtually undetectable.


  • Skin Treating Concealer
  • 100% Natural, 88% Organic
  • Full Coverage
  • Available in 6 shades


  • Heals, strengthens, repairs and protects the skin. Fights blemishes, reduces redness and heals scars. A line diffusing formula that softens and hydrates the skin whilst concealing.
  • Advanced Mineral concealer technology which is PARABEN FREE and VEGAN.
  • Self adjusting Mineral colour pigments adopt skin tone and can be built to a full coverage.
  • Encompassing extremely fair to global tones


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