The Face - Limited Edition Lip Kit

The Face Lip Kit is the perfect combination to create your favourite lip look. Infused with vitamins and botanicals to keep your lips smooth, hydrated, and plump.

Each Lip Kit includes The Face Lipstick with coordinating Gel Lip Liner and Plumping Lip Gloss, all housed in a holographic pouch.

Ruby Cream Lipstick + Maraschino Liner + Liptoxyl – Pink-red with a cool undertone
Heartbreaker Satin Lipstick + Holly Berry Liner + Spice Girl Gloss – Pink with a warm copper undertone
Velvet Rose Cream Lipstick + Neapolitan Liner + Wonder Gloss – Pink with a warm brown undertone
Cosmopolitan Cream Lipstick + Guava Liner + Wonder Gloss – Pink with a cool neutral undertone
En Vogue Satin Lipstick + Guava Liner + Nova Gloss – Pink with a cool undertone
New York Kiss Matte Lipstick + Neapolitan Liner + Spice Girl Gloss – Warm brown-red

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