Issada Brush Cleaner & Sanitizer - Violet Infusion

aA cult-favourite product for professional makeup artists, Issada Brush Cleaner cleanses and sanitises brushes with hospital grade Isopropyl Alcohol and pure Australian Violet Extract.

The exquisite Violet scent lingers on brushes after delicately cleansing - no harsh chemical residue or smell and no irritation to sensitive skin. Violet not only smells amazing but is also anti-bacterial, anti-irritant, anti-itching, antiseptic, cleansing and soothing!

Quick and easy to use the Issada brush cleaner quickly and thoroughly sanitises brushes from bacteria, preventing breakouts, clogged pores, cross-contamination and keeps your brushes in pristine condition. Super fast drying, it also allows you to use the same brush for different products and colours without delay!

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