The Skincare Company - Anti-ageing Treatment Pack

Each pack includes 8 essential products that should be included in any skincare regimen to not only fight aging but also to care for and maintain your skin.

1. Daily Cleanser 120ml – Morning/Night
2. Vitamin C Serum 50ml – Morning
3. Specialty Serum* 50ml – Morning
4. Moisturiser with Sunscreen 120ml – Morning
5. Sunscreen SPF50 100g – Morning
6. Exfoliant Serum 50ml – Night
7. Vitamin A Serum 50ml – Night
8. Hydrating Moisturiser 100ml – Night

* Specialty Serum is selected by skin type :

Normal – Hyaluronic B5 Serum
Oily/Combination – Vitamin B3 Serum
Dry – Hydration Booster Serum

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